Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Dreger Clock - Buena Park

If you've ever wondered, "Gee, why hasn't anyone created a clock that can tell me the time, date, phase of the moon, and solar time in major cities worldwide," I've got some fantastic news for you: Someone did!

That's right. In the 1930's Andrew Dreger built such a clock and installed it on East Anaheim Street in Long Beach. The four-sided clock stood approximately fifteen feet tall, with each of its faces measuring three feet in width. Dreger would mount a ladder every day to polish the clock, which ran on a small electric motor and used a system of 19 synchronized dials to operate. After his passing in 1952, his daughter attempted to donate the clock to the city, but was shocked to learn that no one was interested. When the property on which the clock stood was later sold, the clock disappeared. Its new home? Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park.

The quirky timepiece stood in the park until 2007 when, after yet another mysterious disappearance, it was spotted on eBay. The Buena Park Historical Society purchased the clock, and now hopes to be able to proudly display it once more. Dreger's descendants have started a website in order to raise money to get this OC oddity put back in the public eye.

According to Dreger Clock Restoration Project task-force leader Glenn Frank, "The Dreger Clock is currently undergoing renovation at a clock shop in Fullerton and we hope to have the clock completed and put back on public display in spring or summer of next year."

The Dreger Clock Website
Article in the OC Register


Matt K 'The Bear' said...

A task force???

ItsNotAPlace said...

HA! yeah I know... the "Task Force Leader" title was something that the historical society labeled me with. I guess it just means project leader. But it does sound a little militaristic huh?


Glenn Frank